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DOB. 3/11/13 • BW: 72 lbs

I-80 X R&C Miss Lamborgini 5S (DCC Lamborgini 58L X Meyers Red Top)

Owned with: Double R Farms & Executive Sires


DOB. 1/23/13 • BW: 83 lbs • TH & PHA Free

Monopoly X Smokin (Dr. Who X Charolais)
From the prolific Smokin' donor comes SmokeStack, the double clean Monopoly son that is smoke sensation hitting the scene in 2014! Semen is available from owners & all major distributors.

Owned with: Yates Farms, Moore Show Cattle & Excutive Sires


DOB. 2/12/12 • BW: 71 lbs

Total Solution x Messenger
The best calving ease answer to hit the market since I-80. From the deceased & rare Total Solution comes his best true son to date, Problem Solved. Without question, Problem Solved provides the features to sell offspring high; whether it be their first calf or years down the line. Killer look combined with adequate power in a free moving package. You won't find one freakier necked or hairier. Try him, you won't be disappointed.

Owned with: Schaeffer Show Cattle, Bonnell Farms Show Cattle, Wolfe Farms Show Cattle

Prepare for the impact Jade Upgrade is about to make on the Simmental Breed! Sired by the popular Upgrade and out of the legendary Black Jade; Jade Upgrade carries no Dream On in his pedigree, making him an outcross to most of the genetics currently influencing the breed. Combining the incomparable pedigree and great EPD's of Jade Upgrade with his flawless structure, killer look & overwhelming power makes him a must use bull for 2012 and beyond. A maternal sib to Jade Upgrade recently sold in the Hartman Customer Appreciation sale for $95,000, and a full sib & flush mate is being promoted by Griswold Cattle Company; taking into account the clean chest and throat latch Jade Upgrade possesses,
we felt this trait sets the flush mates apart.

This is not your typical purebred Simmental bull...pedigree-to-performance-to-phenotype...this one has it all.

Birth Adj Wt: 76 lbs
API: 106.8

Owned with: Yates Farms
An exciting maternal bred A.I. sire prospect. SIred by Steel Force and out of the Chill Factor sired dam of GCC Cerveza (Irish Whiskey),
this young bull is turning heads. His combination of Simmental and Maine make him a leading contender for providing SimmMaine influenced females.
He is extra big bodied, sound and big topped. He is moderate and heavy structured.
Calving Ease, BW 82 lbs. Reg 1/2 Simmental 1/2 Maine
Owned with Griswold Cattle Co., J Land Cattle Co., Guyer Cattle Co.
Embryo & Flush Opportunities Available At All Times!

Hoo Too Donor
Hoo Too x Commercial Angus
Owned with: Richard Yates

In her short time in production, this donor has produced a NWSS champion female & two dominant Heatwave 2011 Oklahoma champion & one in the midst of a current midwest campaign. When I saw the pair in spring 2011, I had to have them; glad I did because the Heatwave on her side sold for a 5-figure premium & landed in the top 5 in his first time out this year. Look for good things from this rising donor.
Monopoly x Ali/Kadabra
Owned with: Tim Talbert & Hanold Livestock

Monopoly females have seemed to work & we expect nothing less from Minnie. She gets the nickname from the elephant ears she possesses & her shag doesn't stop there. Crazy hairy with some clubby traits, but still very maternal in her make up. Minnie collected her fair share of banners throughout 2011 & we expect her to be as good in production as she was in the ring.
Final Solution x Double Vision
Owned with: Goodman Family

When I saw Sis for the first time, I simply had to have her. She was double dirty & most people thought I was crazy. When she went on to capture commercial titles (as a Shorthorn!!!) and overall titles, such as Supreme Female at OH AGR, some took notice. The majority still questioned her breeding.... That was until she threw her first calf- a Jake's Proud Jazz, that sold in the high teens! Not to mention, he is yet to go to a show where he hasn't got a piece of his breed. Keep an eye on him as he racks up wins on my winner's page & keep an eye on Sis as genetic opportunities become available.
PWJC Patty 1W

sire. BPJV Hotline• dam.

Owned with Rick & Sue Gray

The 2010 NWSS National Champion MainTainer has been described by such terms as "stunning" and "unreal" while in the showring. As she transitions to a cow, she continues to live up to those terms; looking the best she ever has. Look for genetic opportunities for sale in the near future.

OSU Blackbird Gem 1127
Northern Improvement X MGS: Prompter
Reg. Angus • Reg.# 13837927
Owned with RIchard Yates & Jimmy Martin

This cow needs no introduction after leading off the Guyer Chosen Few Sale. This one is the real deal. Maternal beauty. Her Irish Whiskey is being campained by the Kale Spengler & has landed in several top 5 selections in 2012 already! Watch for SimSolution matings by sires such as DJ Salute, Steelforce, & WAGR Driver; with more to come.


   Dr. Who x PB Charolais
Owned with: Moore Family & Richard Yates

An exciting addition to the Gray Show Cattle donor battery. A freak necked, monster bodied, sure hitting donor. Our type of pedigree, our type of donor. There is no doubt this one is "Smokin"; her second calf was Reserve Grand & a crowd favorite at the 2011 IN State Fair for Christian Gamble. Not only does she look killer, she is proven!

sire. Maximus • Jetwash
Owned with Rick & Sue Gray and Keller Club Calves

Missy has grown from our favorite show heifer to our favorite cow. By far one of the best looking cows on the farm with a great pedigree. This one can be bred maternal or bred clubby. Call with flush and embryo's inquiries.

Donor 8
sire. Who Made Who • dam.
Owned with Guyer Cattle Co., & Richard Yates

This one has it all; sound as you can make one, maternal, pretty to look at, and double clean-with the bone, hair & power of that you might expect from a double carrier.We all know how Who daughters have been impacting the club calf industry.

sire. Kool • dam.

Roxy has been a pet if you will for years. Starting with a great show career and now becoming a profitable cow. She has extreme features such as foot and bone that can shake the ground she walks upon, more power than 90% of the Shorthorn breed, and the hair of a lama.


Donor 37
Owned with: Jake Schoon
This double-clean Direct Hit daughter has been a "sure hit, no miss" since I knew of her. We've been lucky to add her to our donor line-up. Maternally built with an extra shot of power coming from her top side. Making males or females comes easy with Donor 37.

TBSC Sydney
sire. GF Kadabra • dam. Burke's Snowflake • dob. 2006
owned with. Keller Club calves & Kimball

No introduction needed here!  Actually removed her picture above to show some of her latest progeny, including a Tinman heifer (left) & fall born Heatwave (right).  We purchased Sydney as the high seller from Tim Burke’s 2006 sale.  Sydney is a daughter of Burke’s Snowflake donor (possibly the most profitable smokey donor in the business). Sydney is a maternal sib to many high sellers including the A.I. sire Great White. She was a multiple time champion during her show career, and was widely admired for mass, extreme features, and awesome yellow hair coat. Now she is atop our donor program and still admired for those features that she now passes on to her offspring.
SOS Donor
sire. SOS • dam.

A sale topper at Huston Cattle Co., that has entered her new home-the donor facility. One of the more beautiful baldy females you will lay your eyes on. Watch for maternal & clubby matings from this no miss female. Glad Mike let this one roll, she is quite the lady!
Friction Donor
sire. Friction • dam.

One of the newest additions to the donor line & what a creature. Mass, foot & bone that is beyond rare; hair of a yak; yet belly & substance that you typically do not find in many Friction females. We are excited about this girl; her market prospects will be some of the more powerful you see. Get in.
Heatseeker Donor
sire. HeatSeeker • dam.

A rare Sullivan bred gem. We all know this mating, especially with its Who Da Man cross, resulting in 2 NAILE Supreme champions; including the reigning champ also named American Royal Supreme. A promotional bull & a 25,000 Who Da Man of her own make our model from this line, one of the best in existence. Ask about your opportunity.
Slow Burn X Meyer

This baldy masterpiece is a unique individual. Killer build, yak haired, & FREAK necked. This one can go clubby or maternal & will not disappoint. We first bought her baldy BIM steer & went back to buy the factory. He is currently amist a show season that will leave them both in history.
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